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DPF Solutions

Rose Remaps & Tuning Is A Mobile Car Remapping & ECU Remapping Company Providing Performance Tuning, ECO Tuning, EGR, DPF, Stage 1 Vehicle Tuning In Dover Kent
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A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a device that is designed to eliminate diesel particulate and/or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. With any kind of filter, it will periodically need emptying. With a DPF this is done automatically, by burning up the particulates, this process is called regeneration and can reduce diesel soot emissions by up to 80%.

For this process to happen there are certain vehicle parameters that need to be met before the DPF regeneration cycle happens.

Passive regeneration takes place automatically on lengthy drives when the exhaust is able to reach and maintain a high temperature. However, many cars rarely get this sort of use which may lead to the DPF filter becoming blocked up a lot sooner than expected.

Active DPF regeneration is when the soot level in the filter reaches a set limit or parameter usually around 40-45%.

The ECU will inject more fuel increasing exhaust temperatures activating the regeneration cycle.

If the journey is short, or slow and stationery such as being stuck in congestion, while the regeneration is in process, it may not be completed. This in return can cause the warning light on the dashboard to still be lit, indicating that the DPF is partially blocked. However, it is possible for a full DPF regeneration to happen in around 20 minutes while driving at motorway speeds.

If this warning is ignored soot and particulate can continue to build up causing other error codes to appear.

At this point driving at speed and/or motorway driving will not allow the DPF regeneration cycle to happen. Therefore providing no alternative other than to take the vehicle to a garage for a full regeneration, and/or a more costly repair such as a new DPF.

At Rose Remaps and Tuning, we provide a service that can force a full DPF regeneration, we can also use additives to remove the build-up of soot and particulate. 

This process is only a short term fix to enable your vehicle to do a self-regeneration cycle once meeting the vehicle parameters.

If your DPF has been removed/decored and welded back up, we as a company can provide our services to stop your vehicle from going into LIMP/ HOME mode by recalibrating your ECU, and removing any warning light. However please be advised that it is an offence to remove or decore DPF, which we as a company will NOT participate in. We provide this service for you only as a temporary fix while you replace your DPF, ensuring you are able to drive efficiently and safely.

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