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Why might you need your engine carbon cleaned?

Petrol and diesel engines produce power by burning fuel, and this creates sooty exhaust gasses. Emissions controlled devices such as catalysts and diesel particulate filters keep the amount of soot which reaches the atmosphere to a minimum, but there is still some which is deposited on components inside the engine and exhaust system.

Petrol cars are usually less susceptible to "clogging up" as the fuel is quite good at cleaning the components as its passing through.

However, many modern engines use direct injection to improve efficiency where petrol is squirted directly into the combustion chamber and does not get passed over many parts.

Diesels are even more likely to be affected, as the fuel does not burn as cleanly, the exhaust gases are often fed back into the combustion chamber to be burned again, this movement of sooty fumes and gasses are bound to result in a build up of deposits over time. Once the fumes are finally expelled from the engine they still have to pass through the catalyst and diesel particulate filter. These too can become clogged with carbon deposits.

Symptoms of carbon build up

Here are some symptoms of carbon build up that you might be experiencing.

  • Loss of power especially at high speeds or under a high load.

  • Poor acceleration

  • Cold stalling

  • Engine misfires

  • Reduced fuel efficiency

  • Check engine light on

  • Rough running

  • Engine judder at idle speed.

How our services and technicians can help.

We as a company on use the latest tools to carry out our tasks for 100% customer satisfaction. 

We operate using the new and improved CARBON K G7 machine, although the tool is small it packs a punch in delivering a high output of pure hydrogen that will clean the carbon from your engine.

This machine allows us to operate not only on vehicles you see on todays roads but also agricultural vehicles, twin intake engines and any engine upto 24000cc.

We use the best KoH crystal mix on the market to ensure the job is successful.

KoH crystals are what is mixed with distilled water to then go into the machine to produce a high output of pure hydrogen.

Once booked in with us a technician will arrive at the said date and time, upon doing a vehicle health check the technician will carry out his requested tasks.

This process will take around 40 mins to 1 hour to ensure the carbon has been expelled from your engine.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with one the team, they will be happy to help.

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