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Skoda octavia vrs

What a weekend working on this 2ltr Skoda Octavia VRS. Its stunning exterior and interior was an added bonus.

We performed one of our full health checks which is part of our standard procedures before programming one of our maps.

After the health check we got to work and programming a stage 1 performance tune along with tuning the gearbox which took this already swift VRS from 220hp and 350nm of torque to a staggering 300hp and 450mn of torque 😝.

Having a gear box tune along with one of our custom made tunes will benefit your vehicle by:

⚫Maximising the vechiles power and torque.

⚫Giving up to 70% faster shift changes.

⚫Greater fuel economy as less power is being lost through transmission.

⚫Hightened performance efficency.

⚫More Efficent and smooth gear changes.

⚫Minimal engine noise.

This car has effortless gear changes and is rapid, all while maintaining the safety parameters of the vehciles stock hardware.

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