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What are the benefits to having your vehicle remapped????

Car manufacturers are known to program their models ecu's so they do not performing at peak efficiency. This allows them to release a sportier model with a more efficient engine by simply reprogramming the ecu.

Having your vehicle remapped means you can get the most out of your engine, all while keeping within the safety parameters of your hardware. This will improve performance, fuel efficiency and responsivness.

Improved engine performance is another way of saying 'more power more speed'.

The increase in horsepower you will get from remapping depends on what engine you have.

For example; You can get an increase of as much as 45-55 hp for a turbo engine.

You can also see gains of upto 80nm on some engines possibly even more. Nm (torque) making the car feel faster.

In regards to fuel efficiency this really depends on how you drive your car. Pushing through gears, sudden and fast acceleration and speeding can all have negative effects on your fuel consumption of upto 40%.

While this is true whether you remap your vehicle or not, the combination of remapping and smooth driving will offer better fuel efficiency compared to soley smooth driving alone.

If you would like to see what your vehicle could gain from any our services please get in touch today.

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