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Egr error code 4501

Had this very clean bmw e60 2l booked in late last night. The customer has been getting egr fault code 4501. At the cost of a new egr and labour is silly prices.

We went to our customers address at 8.30 this morning run a full health check and started programming a performance tune along with an egr delete on the vehicle.

The car is now fault code/error code free, along with increased throttle response, no flat spots during acceleration and torque increase.

i am safe to say the customer is relieved that his egr issues have now gone and over the moon with his gains.

Before tune specs : 163hp and 350nm

After tune specs : 210bhp and 420nm

Thats a gain in horsepower by 28.8%

and a 20% increase in nm of torque.

This is all within the safety parameters of the stock hardware on the vehicle.

Thank you for your custom the rose remap team.

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